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Our clients

OFFI Institute clients have the similarity that they all have a need for independent knowledge in the field of office products. The wide range of services allow us to optimally serve our diverse clients.


Manufacturers who produce products, equipment and furniture for offices do not always have the necessary knowledge in-house.

Thanks to natural growth, manufactures have widely expanded our client base in the last couple of years. They trust external specialists such as OFFI Institute who provide them with the highest level of knowledge in their field.

The utilisation of the OFFI Stat, Media and Work divisions creates multidisciplinary teams fully tailored to the client's needs.

Distributors / Traders

Office products are produced and marketed globally. Knowledge about the national and international network and often national and regional structures are important. In addition, the development or adjustment of product assortments are costly processes.

In the services for distributors and traders the focus lies on the aforementioned points in order to develop and support them optimally. In addition, equal facilities are available as for manufacturers.

Service providers,
governments and organisations

Many service providers are active in the industry. Automation companies, trade fair organisations and many others are advised to tailor their services as well as possible to the specific target groups OFFI Institute has great understanding of.


Governments and organizations often have a more general but certainly no less complex question about products for the office, the people in the office and the function of the office in general.  

Purchasers / Procurers

Purchasing and/or procuring office-related products is an occasional task for companies and organisations outside the industry. This makes the process of selecting products and suppliers so complex and labour-intensive for buyers and/or procurers.


OFFI Info has the expertise and independence to advise organisations about office related (IT) products and office furniture.

Employers and jobseekers

For employers in the office industry, the personnel factor in the organisation also remains of the utmost importance.

In order to form or expand a team with people who have the right competences, employers rely on OFFI Work's industry focused and cost-saving approach.

Other clients

OFFI Institute's "other" clients also have the need to be informed in the area of office related products. Examples of the various services we can provide are:

- Support is available for inventors and developers to successfully develop new products.

- Industry publishers and press are provided with content and support.

- Our independent experts are temporarily the right hand of lawyers and courts in legal disputes and bankruptcies.

Are you a client with a different kind of question?
We do not hesitate to take on a new challenge!

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