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OFFI Test in short:
  • Testing exclusively office-related products.

  • Independent and expert.

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The divisions OFFI Mark and OFFI info make use of the services provided by OFFI Test. For the clients of OFFI Mark, manufacturers/importers of office related products, tests are conducted in the aspects of:

  • Quality.

  • Environmental properties.

  • Usability.

  • User experiences.

For user experiences, panels of both end users and resellers are available to translate direct feedback into meaningful advice.

Funded research

Within the industry, the Offiano Foundation is the initiator of a large number of studies on both office products and the use and influence of these products on individual office workers and organisations.

OFFI Test is currently conducting the following long-term tests:

Seating 2020, user research on various innovative solutions for basic office chairs

Sit-stand 2020, research on the use of different sit-stand solutions in combination with ergonomic accessories.

Logo OFFI® Reviews
OFFI Reviews

For end users, ranging from consumers to professional purchasers , it is not easy to choose even the most basic products for office or study from the huge selection of available products and suppliers. 

OFFI® Reviews is the information platform with reviews exclusively on products for the office and their suppliers. It is freely accessible to everyone and simplifies the selection of the right products and suppliers. Unlike other review sources, OFFI® reviews are written in the form of an 'expert rating' by independent experts, solely specialists in the field.

Click here or on the logo to go directly to the English version of the OFFI® Reviews website.

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