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OFFI Divisions in short:
  • The division structure ensures that all stakeholders are provided with correct information adequately.

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If you have a question related to purchasing, offering advice, public relations or legal matters requiring expert knowledge of office supplies, OFFI Info will gladly provide you with a tailor-made answer to all your needs.

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For all of its business relations, OFFI Mark develops strategies related to marketing /communications or assists them with the development thereof. The foundations of these strategies consist of the organisation (mission, vision and entrepreneurial goals), the corporate culture and the market analysis and the target groups. The strength of this approach lies in its simplicity: developing strategies is the making of a logical series of choices based on relevant information and well-considered assessment. This translates to a major lead over competition and a significant cost reduction for the client when carrying out operations.


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OFFI Media
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Aside from the professional supervision of the media budget and full service in the field of media relations, OFFI Media is beyond excellent at translating an existing or new strategy into a new communication proposition. Moreover, combining journalism with traditional and progressive methods ensures that target audiences are reached effectively.

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The divisions OFFI Mark and OFFI info make use of the services provided by OFFI Test. For the clients of OFFI Mark, manufacturers/importers of office related products, tests are conducted in the aspects of:

  • Quality.

  • Environmental properties.

  • Usability.

  • User experiences.

To improve user experience, panels of end users and retailers (dealers) are available to translate feedback directly into meaningful advice.

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Perhaps one of the most important divisions within the institute is OFFI Stat, as substantiating our advice with robust statistics is considered crucial for making sound decisions in the domains of product development, marketing and sales.

OFFI Stat is continually collecting market data from the office supplies industry and interprets and corrects, drawing on all available knowledge in the industry. This procedure will guarantee more reliable and useful data.

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Industry knowledge, in all its facets, is also essential when it comes to recruitment and selection, which allows us to offer custom-made solutions.

This market-specific approach gives OFFI Work an enormous advantage, allowing it to fill positions quickly and staff your organisation with the best candidates. Aside from our prompt service, we offer another major advantage: our service rates are highly competitive.


For employers and jobseekers features OFFI Work their own, up-to-date websites that can be visited through

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