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OFFI Mark in short:
  • For manufacturers, importers and distributors of office-related products.

  • Knowledge is directly available.

  • For companies at every phase.

OFFI Mark.png

OFFI Mark develops the marketing/communication strategies for its clients or assists them in the development. The organisation (mission, vision and company objectives), the company culture and the analysis of the market and target groups form the foundation of all strategies. The strength of this approach lies in its simplicity: strategy development is the making of a logical series of choices based on relevant information and well-considered assessment. Information about products for the office, its target groups and all the ins and outs of the industry are already available. This translates to a major lead over competition and a significant cost reduction for the client when carrying out operations.

Whatever life phase the customer's company is in, the knowledge and experience brought in are tailor-made and directly applicable. A start-up will therefore have instant access to all the necessary market information and will receive the guidance it needs in this phase. For companies in the growth phase, not only the knowledge but also national and international contacts are available.

Companies in the maturity stage are using the service in order to realise cost reductions and reorganisations but also when it is acknowledged that the focus on customers and innovation is declining.

In mergers and acquisitions, more than just a valuation is important. Position, strategy and vision for the future are important factors, strongly determining the further success. With the knowledge of OFFI Institute, the procces guidance is in the right hands.

Strategies are as strong as the level at which they are executed. OFFI Institute has several specialised divisions to implement them successfully.

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