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The wide range of services are limited to one branch and so are the various initiatives and activities undertaken in addition. The other commonality is the strive for the highest achievable level at which they can be conducted.

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Offipedia, the wiki for the office, grew to become the standard with more than 34,000 pages of information.

For everyone 'in an office or with an office' it is a freely accessible information platform and knowledge center about products, facilities and services for the office and its users. Offipedia features:

  • facts and trivia that make working in the office easier and more enjoyable.

  • information to help working healthy in an office or learning environment.

  • necessary knowledge to optimise office processes

  • overview of options when purchasing products for the office, ranging from office supplies to office furniture from equipment to computers and telecoms and from facility products to services

  • insights and background information about products and services

  • overviews of suppliers with direct links to websites and online shops

  • for each supplier, links to the various review websites for a comprehensive orientation


Click here to directly go to the English version of Offipedia.

Offiano Foundation

The Offiano Foundation's goal is to promote objective information about office products and workplace developments towards end users. The market for these items includes office supplies and office furniture, IT and facility products for use in both a traditional business work environment and a SOHO work environment. The audience consists of all individuals working in an office environment. 

In this way, the Foundation intends to achieve that:

  • both users, in social and health terms,

  • as well as companies and organisations, in the economic field,

take note and put all available innovations and developments in the field into practice. By implementing the knowledge provided, the office environment becomes a more social, healthier, more productive and more enjoyable place to perform administrative and knowledge work.

The objective is wide ranging and is therefore conducted in a number of different projects.

OFFI Institute supports the Offiano Foundation with technical product expertise and provides resources to realise knowledge transfer.

For more information about the Offiano Foundation visit

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Receptive to something new

Our organisation is changing along with social developments. We continue to be receptive to new initiatives!

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