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OFFI Info in short:
  • Provides knowledge about office products to non-trading companies.

  • For purchasers, facility managers and end users.

  • Trade magazines and other media.

  • Independent.

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Even with the help of the internet, specialised information on office supplies is not easy to come by, with independently provided product knowledge being even scarcer. Yet there are plenty of situations where specialised knowledge will prove indispensable. OFFI Info provides customised advice to purchasers and facility managers, as well as to courts of law in case of civil suits, trade journal publishers and to organisations and public bodies.

Purchasers, facility managers and users

OFFI Info has the knowledge and independency it takes to offer expert advice about office supplies, office furniture and other office-related IT products. Concluding contracts for the delivery of office supplies, selecting office equipment and office furniture is not an everyday routine for even the most professional purchaser. Having a thorough knowledge of products and the industry has proven to be essential to professionalise your purchasing. The slogan “Your office, our care” refers to a type of service where an independent product expert will assist the purchaser or the DMU as purchasing department. Not only will this result in a financially favourable acquisition process, but in an optimal operaring environment as well.

Administration of Law

Legal conflicts may arise even in the branch in which OFFI Institute operates. In suchlike situations, it is crucially important to obtain custom-tailored information. The administration of law will appoint specialists working for the OFFI Institute to the position of expert witness in cases where independency and a sound knowledge of office supplies must be guaranteed. In addition, lawyers will receive support when they need to acquire product or branch-related knowledge.

Trade journal publishers and the media

Many trade journal publishers are still actively engaged in the office branch today. Through print or new media, they will occasionally aim for a subsector, such as office supplies, ICT or office furniture, but often for the entire office supplies assortment as well. Aside from the trade journals, there are also journals on facility management, office management and magazines aimed at office jobs and positions. Finally, there are newspapers and magazines that will occasionally feature articles about the office.

For all these media, the experts at the OFFI Institute write specialised background stories, product overviews and reviews of domestic and international trade fairs and trade events. All articles can be made available to you in any modern language.

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