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Although all activities are limited to one branch, our connections are globally extensive. Besides the clients we serve, connections arise from service providers and suppliers. Numerous relationships are also formed by collaborations and being socially engaged.

Service providers and purchasing

OFFI Institute uses an extensive network of service providers in its operations. Carefully selected companies and individuals with specialized knowledge are an added value to the organisation. 

In addition to purchasing facilities for its own organisation, procurement has the task of achieving the best purchasing results for our clients.

With contemporary methods, the best results are achieved in cooperation with suppliers. Nothing is excluded in advance, long-standing relationships are often the result of mutual success.


Within the industry, the independent position has grown over the years into a position in which responsibility for the industry is carried. On the basis of this responsibility, collaboration is initiated or new or existing forms of collaboration are participated in.  

In every form of collaboration, we safeguard our independence and the maintaining of our own identity.

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In the middle of society

There is no need for fancy words about being socially responsible. Just do it!

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