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OFFI Media in short:
  • For manufacturers, importers and distributors of office-related products.

  • Knowledge is directly available.

  • Full-service advertising agency.

  • Full-service media agency.

OFFI Media.png
  • converting ideas into executable and effective concepts,

  • media planning, procurement, execution and administration,

  • Writing and distributing press releases,

  • developing brand identities and product packaging,

  • producing and editing advertising and campaign materials,

  • webdevelopment and website optimisation

  • professional translations,

  • development and production of (dealer) events and fair concepts.

OFFI Media

OFFI Media is not only the specialised communication consultancy for manufacturers and importers in the office industry, but also an advertising and concept development agency with a lot of creativity. Work is often done in extension of OFFI Mark's activities, after which creative and executive processes can be initiated directly.

From idea to success, but first ...

Before OFFI Media goes to work, a screening takes place to evaluate the possibilities of the company and/or product. Promising companies and products only exist if the market already exists or can be created. When the outcome of the screening is positive, there is almost nothing that stands in the way of creativity to transform ideas into executable and effective concepts.

Expertise also in advertising and media

Writing a press release, designing an add, launching an email campaign to resellers, a search structure on a website. These are some examples where knowledge of communication is necessary but even more the knowledge of the market for office-related products.

OFFI Media has all this necessary specialised knowledge in- house.


As an industry professional, OFFI Media knows that advertising and communication budgets should always be in line with sales and profits. Experience has shown that this never has to be a limitation in creativity and effectiveness.

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